Is it wise to be excited for this?

The only picture online of these two together

The only picture online of these two together

About a month ago, Keith Murray announced in some  interview that he was working on a collaborative LP with Canibus. Like, I imagine, most other people who read the piece (I’m guessing there were about four of us), my first impression was, “Canibus? Really?” But after thinking about it a bit, I started to warm to the idea. Murray is a consistently dope emcee–always has been–but his career has been marred by legal troubles, prison terms, and just plain stupid behavior (Choking out a Def Jam employee? Really, Keith?) Still, he always sounds hungry on the mic. I’ll never forget the Rap City episode where he went in the booth and just would not stop rapping, even as the host repeatedly tried to cut him short. And Canibus….well, who wasn’t fuckin with Canibus in 1997? I still remember the first time I heard him on Common’s One Day It’ll All Make Sense; that “animal with a mechanical mandible” shit just blew my mind. Of course, then ‘Bis dropped the much-maligned Can-I-Bus, followed by the even weaker 2000 B.C., and people stopped giving a shit. But who knows, maybe Murray’s presence will encourage ‘Bis to drop the sci-fi mumbo-jumbo he’s been spitting lately and get back to what he used to do best: destroying microphones. (And here’s hoping he has no input whatsoever on the beats.) Anyway, here’s the only song that’s leaked off the project so far, as far as I can tell. Erik Sermon’s production is a bit generic, but it gets the job done, and both emcees sound pretty hungry. For my money, Keith outshines Canibus, which is crazy considering ten years ago everyone would’ve put their money on ‘Bis. I gotta say I’m kind of excited about this album, although I’ll admit there’s a good chance of it sucking (it’ll come down to the beats) or never seeing the light of day. But Blaqkout dropped, and it was dope, so maybe such skepticism is unwarranted.

Bonus: “Nobody Does it Better” (from ’07’s horribly-titled Rap-Murr-Phobia)

And some classic Can-I-Bus (with Mike Tyson!):


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