Heart and Soul

Red Cafe repping Akons Konvict Music (he was later dropped)

Red Cafe repping Akon's Konvict Music (he's since jumped ship to Bad Boy)

I don’t know much about Red Cafe, but after reading this Wikipedia entry I’m inclined to doubt his business acumen. Why any rapper who hasn’t put out an album after ten years in the industry would sign with, of all labels, Bad Boy Records, is beyond me. Has he not read Mark Curry’s book? Even if Diddy does decide to let him put an album out (which is unlikely considering Diddy’s own girlfriend is still waiting on a release date), we all know who’s taking most of the profits. Are today’s rappers so desperate to be on a major label that they will sacrifice their creative and financial independence in the progress? Have we learned nothing from Crooked I? I find it ironic that people refer to indie Koch as a graveyard, when true creative death has long been a staple of rap’s major labels.  And if I’ve learned anything from his handling of Shyne, G. Dep, and especially Mark Curry (who apparently is now homeless and struggling to support his family) it’s that Diddy represents the worst of the bunch. But I digress. My goal with this post was to spotlight some dope new music, not to knock the homie’s hustle.

Red Cafe — Heart and Soul (Prod. Pete Rock)

And how dope it is! After the dissapointing NY’s Finest, it seems Pete Rock is back on his shit. First Method Man and Redman’s “A-Yo!” (a monster of a single if Def Jam had actually given a fuck) and now this soulful, atmospheric gem. As many rappers of their era approach retirement age, it’s nice to know that producers like Pete, DJ Premier and the like can keep dropping heat ’till they’re truly old and grey. Makes you feel better about rap’s future. Now let’s hope this shit makes it off the internet and onto an album.

Bonus (NSFW): In case you didn’t hate Diddy enough already…


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