Most Ridiculously Sexual Commercial EVER

UPDATE: Alright, to close out this post forever, both Sprite ads are apparently fake and have been pulled from the web due to copywright issues. I guess that’s what I get for posting about non-rap shit!

Just saw this shit over at Huffpost. Apparently this was considered offensive enough to get pulled from TV in Germany, which is really saying something. I know Sprite wouldn’t even try to get this shit aired here, considering our idea of “innapropriate” encompasses the ad below:

Sigh. At least Mixalot got paid. After the jump, check out another one of these crazy Sprite ads.


2 Responses to Most Ridiculously Sexual Commercial EVER

  1. Max says:

    This is great product association: opening a can of Sprite is like busting jizz all over your face. Drinking Sprite = drinking a can full of jizz.

    If you want to have an even lower opinion of humanity, check out the youtube comments about interracial sex in that first video. Yow.

  2. hook says:

    Well, to be fair, I think the ad is aimed more at men than women. So, in essence, drinking sprite=busting a load all over a girl’s face. Baaaalin!!! And yeah, the racism doesn’t surprise me; one of the reasons no one would EVER try to put this out in the US. We’re still pretty backwards that way.

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