Could this be the stripclub anthem of ’09?

Note: There’s a newer video for this that’s much sexier (and more fitting.) Embedding’s been disabled on Youtube but peep it here.

This shit is already garnering a steady buzz on radio and MTV/BET, but I thought I’d spotlight it because it’s such a fucking hot record. As my friend Max likes to point out, Twista is a somewhat limited rapper; he basically has one style which he does better than anyone else, but he’s incapable of really switching lanes. That’s why it was really interesting to watch him blow up a few years ago with “Slow Jamz” and “Overnight Celebrity;” all of a sudden Twist went from being a gimmick rapper (and a largely regional one at that) to an A-list emcee, with a number-one album to boot. Five years later and Twista’s no longer #1, but he proves on this joint that he’s nowhere near retirement. Produced by longtime Twista collaborator The Legendary Traxster, “Wetter” is better than just about anything currently on the radio, and its also one of the sexiest records you’re liable to hear all year. I have no doubt this shit is on repeat in stripclubs across America, and with good reason. “Wetter” isn’t one of those “Tip Drill“-type records that appeal to some ridiculous male fantasy while disgusting pretty much any woman who hears them. On the contrary, I can imagine ladies of all stripes getting quite turned on by this shit, “daddy” references and all  (word to my ex!) After the jump, check out a couple of said ladies (of the many on Youtube) putting the song to good use. Yee!

Oh, and one more thought. Can we get a remix to this with Luda???

And my personal favorite.


6 Responses to Could this be the stripclub anthem of ’09?

  1. LAYLA says:

    The only reason this song is such a jam is because it blatantly steals that gushy hook from Janet Jackson, circa janet. You know what I’m talking about! Also, I feel like Luda is slowly turning into Busta, do you know? The devolution into guesting, the “acting.”

    • hook says:

      Layla! I definitely agree that Luda’s fallen off. He got too ambitious and started trying to be a serious rapper, when he should have just stayed in his lane and kept being hilarious. And, believe it or not, I’ve never heard that Janet song. You mean a rap song stole a chorus from a previously unreleased song? Get OUT!

      • ltothec says:

        i’m with you…luda shoulda stuck to his
        amazing puns and dr. seuss like rhymes. what
        was that shit he put out in favor of obama?
        almost made me vote for the other guy

  2. ltothec says:

    i’m not crazy about this song other than the “daddy” parts. which is weird, cause i actually love twista and all his gimicky ways. there’s just nothing special about this jam. sorry.

  3. hook says:

    haha disagree about the video and the song! the lighting makes the second video. but i find it super interesting that you dig the daddy stuff. It’s weird how you would think they put that in for the men but really it appeals more to the ladies (Am I wrong?)

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