Ladies, stay away from Prodigy.

Cmere, girl.

"C'mere, girl."

Alchemist ft. Prodigy—“Keep the Heels On”

Along with money, drugs, and violence, sex has long been a staple topic in hip-hop, one which has been tackled from pretty much every angle imaginable in the genre’s 30-year trajectory. Nevertheless, from time to time a song comes along that totally reinvents the wheel. Rather than making you laugh, or getting you in the mood, or even urging you to consider the complexities of the male-female sexual dynamic, Prodigy’s “Keep the Heels On” seems calculated specifically to scare you shitless, particularly if you are of the fairer sex. Over the most sinister, menacing track on the Alchemist’s Chemical Warfare, Prodigy gives us over three minutes of hyper-graphic sexual imagery,  with the same ice-cold delivery and eye for gruesome detail usually reserved for his songs about killing people (read: pretty much all of his songs.) The result is one of the creepiest tracks I’ve heard in a long time. A few choice gems:

Killin’ it, tip drillin’ it, I’m spillin’ it, all over the place—that milk got her feelin’ it

“Your man never made your body shake like that/ bet he don’t know his girl make her face like that/ off of long dick, hawk spit in her ass-crack/ while I long dick-ded it, yeah, from the back”

“They put their guard down, and give a n*gga what he want

And of course, the créme de la créme:

Grab the sheets like she bein’ raped—but she WANT it, n*gga

Call me crazy, but I can’t imagine P increasing his groupie count with songs like this. If I were a female and this dude tried to push up, I would fucking run for my life.


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