Together Brothers

O.C. and A.G. — 2 For the Money (Prod. Showbiz, cuts by  DJ Premier)

Looks like this O.C. and A.G. album is actually gonna happen, and I gotta say I’m pretty pumped. O and A may not be the best rappers out the crew (that would be Finesse and Big L) but they’re pretty damn consistent, and they both have classics under their belt.  In this interview they talk about the project (sounds like Show and Finesse are handling most of the production), and also address the ever-present mystery of Fat Joe’s absence from all things D.I.T.C. Considering Diamond put Joe on, it seems pretty shitty for Joe to never acknowledge his Diggin’ In the Crates brethren. I can understand not wanting to tour, but what could he lose by doing a group album? If anything it would help him reestablish some of the cred he lost by moving to Miami and fucking with people like Khaled and Rick Ross. A lot of young rap listeners have no idea of  Fat Joe’s pedigree in the game, and Joe seems strangely content to leave it that way. It’s almost like he’s embarrased to belong to one of the greatest collectives in rap history. Yeah, Joe, Terror Squad is much more relevant than D.I.T.C, keep repping that. Oh wait, who’s still in TS? Nobody? That’s what I thought.


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  1. […] first track to leak off this was solid, but the latest is straight fire. I love how O and A can kick basically positive rhymes, and yet […]

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