I’m gay, son (no homo)

Slate just threw up an article dissecting the “no homo” trend in hip-hop and its implications for the genre’s overall attitude towards homosexuality. The piece makes the interesting (although debatable) claim that the phrase’s popularity signifies a step forward for hip-hop in terms of accepting gays. Mostly, however, the article is just hilarious:

When DMX insulted rivals 10 years later by rapping, “Y’all niggas remind me of a strip club/ ‘Cause every time you come around it’s like I just gotta get my dick sucked,” hip-hop was still so aggressively understood as hetero-centric that it was inconceivable to DMX that there might be anything the least bit gay about his fantasy of a roomful of men fellating him.

Cam’ron and the Diplomats are, ironically, among the most homoerotic MCs in rap. They wear pink and purple furs and brag regularly about how good they look. In the video for “Pop Champagne,” Jim Jones and Juelz Santana giddily douse each other with frothy white geysers of bubbly.

Yo, you mean dousing your boy with frothy white geysers  is gay? WORD?

After the jump, Cam’ron (the father of “no homo”) explains the phrase’s origins.


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