Most uncomfortable interview ever

A few weeks ago I was looking through one of my old issues of The Source, and I came across an article I’d never noticed before. It was a profile of Pomona rapper and working pimp Suga Free, written some time between the release of Street Gospel (one of my all-time favorite albums) and his second LP, The New Testament. The article was fascinating not only because of how well it was written (Benzino had yet to run the magazine completely into the ground), but also because of the absolutely unglamorous picture it painted of Free’s life. A two-strike felon who had last gone to jail for kidnapping one of his hoes, Free had seen little money from Street Gospel, and he was now back on the grind, working two bitches and taking care of a third, an ex-hoe with whom he had a young daughter. Much like Terrence Howard in Hustle and Flow, Free was just getting by; though he professed to love pimping, his reality bore little resemblance to the flashy lifestyles of other rappers claiming to be “pimps.” The article ended with Free getting a call from one of his hoes who’d been arrested, and his loading the “family” up in the car to go bail her out. In terms of depressing profiles of rappers, it rivaled Capadonna’s admission that he was homeless and driving a gypsy cab.

So perhaps Suga Free has a right to be as mentally off-balanced as he often appears; after all, his life has been anything but a rap fantasy. In interviews and on records he often seems ready to snap at any moment, and you can tell he didn’t lie when, on “Why U Bullshittin,'” he famously promised to “slap the shit out of a bitch.” In the interview above, the dude asking the questions gets played like another of Free’s bitches, and despite his superior size, you can tell he’s seriously shook. As for Free, he definitely seems to be enjoying himself, although I get the impression it’s not all an act. This is, after all, the only rapper I have ever heard rap about snorting crystal meth. Man, if he can make a big-ass dude this scared, imagine the psychological damage he can do to a hoe. I bet he has bitches scared for their lives.

I guess you gotta be a cold motherfucker to make it as a pimp.

After the jump, Free stars in one of the most hilarious commercials I’ve ever seen.


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