NY to Chile (Via Sweden?!)

Zaturno — Así Soy Yo (feat. Cuban Link & Zay 3.2.6.)

Don’t worry; this isn’t turning into some kind of of Cuban Link fan blog (though if it did I could definitely claim ‘first!’) But while I was listening to 24K the other day I remembered I’d seen Cuba in this video, which I happened to catch last year in Argentina. Hip-hop over there is pretty scarce—mostly because cumbia already serves as a voice for the underclass—but in Chile apparently there’s a serious movement. This Zaturno cat is pretty big, and he seems to have perfected the art of the global collabo (check this other clip featuring another former Terror Squad emcee, Triple Seis.) Shot in New York, Santiago, and Stockholm (home of producer Masse, who with his boys does his best to make Sweden look gangster), “Así Soy Yo” is that rare testament to the internet’s positive influence on modern music. The fact that three groups of people on three different continents could make such a dope collaboration—without ever having to leave their respective countries—is really a testament to the power of technology. Plus the shit bangs.

Anyway, if you don’t speak Spanish, just vibe to the music until this Zay dude comes on. I’ve never heard of him before, but he reminds me of like a Dominican Prodigy—not at all a bad thing. And if you do speak some castellano, you’ll see this Zaturno kid has skills. Shit, I might even have to cop dude’s album.


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