Back to School!

Today is the first day of school, so for all the youngn’s out there I thought I’d post this classic PSA. “Beats By The Bay Presents: Stay in School” joins together some of the biggest rappers in the Bay Area (and a few I’ve never heard of) for a decidedly conflicted public service announcement. The message coming from a few of these rappers is clearly “Don’t be like me. You know—the ice, the cars, the girls, the life….you don’t want it. STAY IN SCHOOL.” Granted some of these dudes made it through high school (I know 40 even did a couple years of college) but others definitely gave school the middle finger (and, it could be argued, are currently getting paper because of it.) Mugzi makes a good point, though: if you’re gonna get a record deal, you  better know how to read the contract (no looking at it once and then putting your “X” on the bottom!)

Best part of the video has to be when Cellski’s intimidating ass just pops out of nowhere. So weird to hear him saying something positive. Same goes for The Jacka, who has probably the best line of the whole song: “Don’t admire thieves ’cause we don’t admire you.” Way to keep it 100 with them kids, Jack! I hope they can handle the truth!


2 Responses to Back to School!

  1. rachael says:

    When is this from?? And who is the guy with the really raspy voice?

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