What a Waste

Benzino — “Good Fellaz” (download)

Benzino is a douchebag, no doubt. His latest song, in which he inexplicably disses Eminem (again) and Slaugherhouse, seems destined to cement that reputation, and with good reason. It’s a transparent call for attention from someone who should be hiding his head in shame, after singelhandedly destroying hip-hop’s first and most important magazine, and thus doing irreparable harm to the entire genre. Duly noted.

But allow me to throw something out there: “Good Fellaz” ain’t that bad. Benzino’s never been a technically awful rapper; his problems aren’t so much lyrics and flow as the fact that he’s such an obvious asshole. Here he kicks standard East Coast gangster shit just as well as, say, Fat Joe, but the fact that he’s Benzino makes his boasts ridiculous and often repulsive (how are you gonna brag about “jack[ing] about a hundred mil back in the Source days?” Fuck you, dude.) The beat, meanwhile, is fire. I don’t know who produced this (I’m assuming Hangmen 3?) but they would do well to ditch Zino and lace some A-list—hell, even B- or C-list—artists. Imagine Cam’ron over this track. Or Lil’ Wayne! Even Hov would murder this—think what BP3 could have been with some more production in this vein. Anyway, props to whoever sampled my favorite Rolling Stones song and made it knock like a motherfucker. If I’m bumping Benzino in my stereo, then serious credit goes to the man behind the boards.


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