Hey Neighbor!

Homicide — “Knock Knock” (download)

Spent last weekend with the homegirl from LA, and we definitely bonded over a shared love of filthy rap. She turned me on to Trina’s excellent Da Baddest Bitch (more on that in a later post), so I thought I’d return the favor with this little-known gem (more to come on the mix, shawty.)

Homicide is from Sacramento, and from what little information I can find online he only dropped one official release, The Plantation, which dropped in 1999 (my freshman year of highschool.) Somehow I came into possession of a cassette single, the b-side of which was “Knock, Knock,” and as a 14-year-old I naturally found the shit hilarious. A friend and I even lyp-synched the song in a “talent show” in our freshman social studies course. Needless to say, the teacher was less than amused.

I haven’t listened to this album too carefully, but for the most part its pretty standard West Coast gangster rap. There are a few notable guests, though, including WC and slain Bay Area rapper Coughnut. Still, the real highlight is “Knock Knock,” whose unapologetically filthy lyrics and over-the-top guitar riff catapult it into novelty rap royalty. It’ll have you thinking twice next time your neighbor asks to “borrow some sugar.”


3 Responses to Hey Neighbor!

  1. stretchcorleone says:

    Yes! I’ve been dying to hear this shit again!

  2. ltohec says:

    thanks, playa! this is great! and already stuck in my head!

    i’d also like to dedicate this song to your “neighbor” that made a “complaint” on my car being parked in the driveway. little does he know, i’m fuckin’ his bitch

  3. Max says:

    I was at this performance, and it was great. It was for a 7:30 AM class, and our teacher, Mr. Girling, shut the cassette off midway through the performance.

    It was a duet with Jerry Hu, no?

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