Reychesta Won

Would you fuck with this dude?

Would you fuck with this dude?

I know ya’ll could give a fuck about rap en español, but this is my blog, and I think it should reflect what I’ve been listening to these last few days. To be honest, I haven’t been too excited about any new rap lately, although I’m definitely looking forward to a few releases this month. If I’m supposed to go apeshit over this, though, then I’m sorry; I guess I’m just a racist. No, these last few days I’ve definitely been on a Latin tip, and the soundtrack to my weekend was definitely more Aventura than Jay-Z, more La Kalle than KMEL. Which brings us to the following videos.

Above is the long awaited first single from Colombian rap juggerknauts Tres Coronas, who can make a pretty valid case for being the greatest exponents of rap en español working today (at least in my very non-expert opinion.) Since Reychesta’s departure, the group has become a duo, and remaining members Rocca and PNO have traded frequent barbs with Rey in videos and on record. But in the first video from their long-awaited La música es mi arma Poncho and Rocca make a pretty good case for Reychesta’s returning to the group. My initial reaction to this video was a resounding “WTF.” The music is cheesy, live instruments or no, and the shirtless, oiled look the guys are rocking is beyond gay. Poncho and Rocca seem to be feeling themselves to the point of self-parody, from their “angry rapper” ice grills to their corny call-and-response “yeahs.” And I’m all for Colombian pride, but why get a bunch of dancers and traditional musicians together to knock out such mediocre music? Would have been cheaper to just pay one dude with an MPC. Anyway, here’s hoping this is just a false start, and that the rest of the album will still be fuego.

And here we have a video from Colombian reguetoneros Golpe a Golpe, accompanied by self-described “Primera Corona” Reychesta. While he may not be talking to Rocca and PNO, dude has been putting it down lately with other well-known Colombian artists, and while the haters will continue to hate he’s been escupando some fuego, as they say. “Jericó” is a message song (and a damn catchy one at that) in which Rey and company lament rampant street violence, while the following clip, a duet with Medellín emcee Ultrajala, is on some gangsta shit. In both songs Rey busts out his tongue-twisting style, which is pretty damn ill even if I do miss a few words. Blame that on me, though, not him. Don’t get me wrong; I’m still looking forward to La música es mi arma. But a Reychesta solo is also sounding pretty good right now.


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