What Do I Have to Do to Give You My Money?

Though it hurts me to acknowlege the fact, I’m aware that CDs are on their way out, and that sometime in the near future virtually all new music will be released on a digital-only basis. And when that day comes, I’ve already decided that I’ll stop buying new music altogether, instead hunting down old CDs to fill the many gaps in my collection. Because frankly, if I can’t hold an album in my hand, I don’t really want to own it. But while I’ve always thought of this as some kind of distant reality, I’ve realized lately that the last days for CD-buyers are already upon us.

Take what happened to me this week. I’d love to be sharing my thoughts with you on Cormega’s Born and Raised (which dropped, in theory, this past Tuesday) but despite several attempts at different stores, I haven’t been able to buy it.

On Tuesday I went to Amoeba, which is the kind of store that still stocks and can move records by people like Cormega, only to find that they hadn’t gotten a shipment. Which sucked, 1) because I had a credit from  the week prior (they sold me the wrong CD), and 2) because I’m incapable of entering Amoeba without buying anything. So after scooping up Casual’s Fear Itself and Goodie Mob’s Soul Food for 1.99 each (clearance, baby!) I left feeling dissapointed and confused (well, confused when I looked in the Goodie Mob case and found a CD by First Degree the D.E. WTF!) But no biggie, I thought, I’d just come back Wednesday and cop the new Mega then. No luck. Called Amoeba, and still no shipments. And I couldn’t buy it at my local spot, because Creative Music hadn’t even ordered any copies. I guess when you get as little business as they do, you can’t risk ordering CDs you might not sell. I then checked hipster wetdream Aquarius, and was not surprised to hear they’d never even heard of Cormega. But then again, they barely stock any rap. So I guess my question becomes, where am I supposed to go to buy this CD? It’s too indie for Best Buy or Target (the closest things to corporate music stores still in existence) and the indie retailers that should be carrying it aren’t, either because Corey’s label fucked up, it’s too much of a risk, or they only stock records by Yo La Tengo. The end result of all this is that it’s now Friday, and I still haven’t copped Mega’s album. And after reading the largely mediocre reviews online, it’s no longer at the top of my list. Yeah, I’ll still buy it eventually, but not before I cop, and absorb, O.C. & A.G.’s Oasis (if, when it drops next Tuesday, I can actually find a copy.) And the thing is, the average person would just say fuck it and download Born and Raised illegally. After all, they don’t have much of a choice, especially if—like me—they feel stupid paying for digital music on a site like Itunes (and fuck waiting five business days for an Amazon shipment.)

Ugh. For a true music collector, the whole situation is just depressing. But at least we can take solace in all the great previously-released music that’s still out there in physical form. Take the Beatnut’s The Originators (2002), which I picked up last week, and which happens to boast a banging track with none other than Mega Montana. Yeah, it’s seven years old, but it’s the closest thing to new Mega I can give you. As the ‘Nuts would say, Toma.

Beatnuts  ft. Cormega — “U Crazy” (download)


4 Responses to What Do I Have to Do to Give You My Money?

  1. Max says:


  2. Vincent says:

    I feel the same way. I look at my boxes of CD’s (been collecting since ’91) and wonder how my collection will continue to grow in the future. I absolutely refuse to buy any digital music. That’s like buying air.

    • hook says:

      boxes? fam you gotta put those shits on display! btw your blog is fire. i picked up an issue of the source at borders the other day and it just made me really sad. the writing back in like 93-94 was just soooo much better than anything in mainstream mags today. and also, in the record reviews they weren’t afraid to say shit sucked. now god forbid a magazine should be accused of “hating” on a popular artist. anyway keep scanning those classics…that ego trip pete rock feature made my night.

      • vincentlopez says:

        I used to have them all on display on a large hand made CD wall case(before I was married with children) but I’ve run out of space with children’s stuff everywhere. So I had to rip them to my hard drive and put them all in boxes. It depressed me at first but I’m used to it now.

        By the way, record reviews are ridiculously crazy today. I’ve said that same thing for a minute now. Mainstream publications today are afraid to be honest when reviewing music for fear of losing a ‘cover’ with an artist. How stupid is that?

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