Only God Can Judge Me

In what has been, for news outlets, a typically slow holiday week, one cultural phenomenon has dominated headlines around the country. With Bristol Palin’s long overdue elimination on Tuesday, discussion of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars hit a fever pitch, as even America’s most reputable news outlets pondered the significance of her improbable run to the finals. Not even Tom Delay’s conviction on money laundering charges, announced yesterday, could knock Dancing out of the national conversation, as the Hammer himself had once been a contestant on the popular show (bow your head in shame, America.)

Of course, Dancing With the Stars was courting controversy well before 2010. Far before Sarah Palin’s fans were skewing the competition, devotees of Percy Miller had viewers up in arms, as the rap mogul managed to survive an impressive four weeks in 2006 despite being literally the laziest dancer I have ever seen. The following clip, from the week of P’s elimination, really says it all. After receiving an 8 out of 30 from the judges, not to mention some of the harshest criticism ever doled out on a reality competition, P claims the judges are “taking it personal” (he had previously ignored their demands that he wear ballroom shoes in place of his trusty P. Millers) and uses the opportunity to promote his new album (the interviewer promptly cuts him off.) Sure, his partner looks like she’s about to cry from frustration, but you gotta love P’s “just don’t give a fuck” attitude. It is, after all, so very hip-hop.


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